Traveling Light

You’ve all probably heard of the internet sensation, Tavi Gevinson, so what about her sister, Rivkah Gevinson? Rivakah enjoys making videos and her most recent is called Traveling Light. In this short film or video as she likes to put it the protagonist, Tavi, is exploring the transition between childhood and adulthood. The video incorporates beautiful music by Stealing Sheep that really sets the mood of the video. I thought it would be fun to post this video because it plays along with next month’s theme of friendship. As I said before the protagonist is exploring the transition between childhood and adulthood and sometimes this is what pulls friends apart. You’ll hear all about that next month anyway.

Love Ya.


PS: I can’t figure out how to post the video yet so I’ll keep trying!


Next month………

Next month’s theme for Famine of Fashion is friendship. The ups and downs of friendship, how to deal with being left out, and the perfect gift for your besties. The theme is inspired by “Unfriended” an article from Teen Vogue. I think that next month I’m going to start having a letter from the editor and I also want to collect a staff so I don’t have to write all the articles on my own. My best friend Katie Koritz is going to join and will most likely be the creative director and a beauty writer. Anyone who is interested in writing or photographing or designing the magazine please email me at I guess for this month this is my letter from the editor.

Love Ya.



I go to a dance studio called Ballet Chicago. It’s really fun and everyone is kind there. Well, almost everyone. The point is, you would never believe how many trends there are at the studio. Leg warmers, starbucks, multi-colored leotards, etc. One of the major trends now is abercrombie sweats or p.j.s over our uniforms before class. But that’s just for ballet. Also, everyone has their own makeup bags. There like those small box like things with handles on the top and cute patterns on them. For example, mine is black with white swirls on it and pink on the inside. Basically you can carry whatever makeup you want in it. For school, you can put makeup in a separate pencil case and no one will know about it.


So I started this blog so that I could learn more about fashion and show other people what I know. I’m not very good at fashion. But I want to be. I want to be the next editor in chief of Vogue. I will do my best to update this blog as much as possible and hope fully get discovered. My favorite blog is