I hate all of my teachers right now! I have to write like three essays, make a cake, do a lab, Daily oral geography, studying. Bleh. Anyway I think I’m going to make a new page called outfit of the day where I can post a picture of the outfit I wore that day. Isn’t it just stupendous? Anyway, I’m going to a baht mitzvah tomorrow and I got my hair curled, so I’m loving it. I LUV YA MAGGIE! (My hair stylist, she rocks). So life is good with my too best friends, Christina and Katie, who, just as I promised, are joining the blog. 7th grade can be so annoying. I wanna die. And I wanna Starbucks. And I wanna sleep. I got this really awesome lip stuff from Sephora. It’s Korres pomegranate/grenade lip butter and matching lip glaze. For my friend’s baht mitzvah, I got her Flora by Gucci perfume. Hope she likes it! I will post baht mitzvah pictures as soon as possible because I’m sure you all are just dying to see what I’m wearing, right? Just kidding. Has anyone read The Clique? My favorite character is Dylan ’cause she is the only one that is fun. Massie is so serious about boys and life but Dylan just has fun! Plus, you have to love that red hair, right? No seriously I would kill for her hair. I said this month’s theme is was going to be friendship but I decided to save that for another month and have a Christmas theme for December. I’m going to edit the beauty and fashion pages now.

Love Ya.



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