Oh Jamba Juice!

It was a day. I can’t say it was a great day because I would be lying. So yes, it was a day. Science test, math test review, social studies test review, and then to pull the day together my dad brought me a slushy/smoothie thing from Jamba Juice. It was the average day for me! And tomorrow is going to be an awful day for so many reasons. Math test, social studies test, and worst of all no Jamba Juice to wrap up the day! The only thing I’m looking forward to tomorrow is dance troop auditions. I didn’t get in last year but that was before I was taught to learn a dance combination  in less than 3 minutes. No one at my school realizes what their going up against. They haven’t seen me dance yet. Out of all of the girls there, I go to the best school and I take dance seriously. I’m so excited for it anyway! I made a general in and out list because I was bored. And here it is!

In                                                                                                                                                                   Out

Jamba Juice                                                                                                           Starbucks (Still love it!)

Dance Troop                                                                                                                    Not getting into it

Math and Social Studies Tests                                                                                              Science Test

Love Ya.


PS: I found my Jamba!


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