Contacts: In your eyes and on your phone

I just got back from my second try at contacts and I can officially say that I touched my own eyeball. It’s so weird. Not as squishy as you think. I realized that I hardly use my phone and I need more contacts. I need them in my eyes and on my phone! I didn’t get into dance troop. I don’t really care, though. It’s not like it’s the Joffrey or anything. I’m so sad that I have to wait an extra month for the next teen vogue. I’m hopefully going christmas shopping tomorrow and maybe we can finally do the photo shoot. I have all the looks planned out and everything the only thing I need is a little time. I was thinking we could make little iMovies for some photo shoots. Like we could have color themed photo shoots but catch them on camera. Yellow, red, green, maroon. Also, color themed parties! Purple, pink, silver, orange. (Not that those colors would look good together!) My dress today was a mid thigh length dress in black with white polka dots and white bows for the pattern. It was a little too childish for me, so I rolled up the sleeves a bit to reveal the stripes on the inside and threw on a brown belt from abercrombie so it looked pretty good. I don’t know where the dress is from, though, hand-me-downs. Lately I’ve been trying to make the titles of my posts more interesting so people will be more interested in reading them. Not exactly working. I figured out what the themes will be for February, March, and April. This month’s theme is a new beginning. It’s a new year! (Almost!) I don’t really have a resolution yet but I will be spending New Years and Christmas in MEXICO!

Love Ya.


PS: Do my viewers have anything they want to see in the mag?

PPS: I want a macaroon.



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