Fiction: What Happens After

Kate Johnson twirled a lock of her golden hair and pushed her plate of pad thai away an inch. 2 inches, 3inches, 4. “I still don’t understand.” She stammered to her best friend, Taylor. Kate, Peyton, and Reed were all sitting in a japanese restaurant while the girl who they thought was their best friend, Taylor, explained to them why she no longer liked them. “I already told you. I needed to start fresh because of everything we’ve been through. We fought too much and none of us were getting along.” Taylor sipped her watermelon soda. Peyton made a face, Reed rolled her eyes, and Kate just stared at Taylor like she was insane. “I’m going to the bathroom.” Taylor stood and gracefully walked to the bathroom with her long brown hair bouncing up and down. “What is her problem?” Peyton looked after Taylor in disgust. Kate buried her face in her hands and sighed. “She obviously moved on so we should too.” Reed shrugged. “We need to stick together.” Peyton and Kate nodded in agreement. “And the war begins,” Reed muttered under her breath as Taylor sauntered back to the table.




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