Christina wasn’t at school today so I assume that she was sick. I’m very excited for Christmas this year even though it seems as if it rolled around too soon. There are only two more full school days for us before winter break. We get let out at 2:30 on Thursday. Over the break we will be working on our February issue! I’ll post loads of Mexico pictures! Wait, did I mention I’m going to Mexico for Christmas? I’m going with my cousins, aunt, uncle, and parents. My cousins, Chiara and Gaia who are twins, have a really cool fashion blog they made together called theyoungandthebraless.blogspt.com. They have a lot of fun clothing ideas on their blog. Our blog might switch to a system where we have a new post every single day at a specific time. For example, we could still have a new theme for each month but at, let’s say 3:45 pm, we would have a new post about something. Maybe a DIY or a book review but either way it will be fun. March is going to be movie month! We will be reviewing the classics, giving you tips on movie snacks, and creating a guide for what to wear to the movies or for just lounging around your home.

Love Ya.



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