Best Thing Ever: The Office

It’s all I ever watch on netflix. I can name every last character in this T.V. show! Most importantly, The Office is the funniest t.v. show out there. The boss, Micheal, is kind of an idiot who tries to be friends with his employees. In every episode he ’causes more trouble. He just doesn’t realize that he has to be professional in the work place. Then theres Jim and Pam. Jam. Or Pim. Throughout the entire 7 seasons they have a confusing love thing going on. I don’t wan to give it all away but they have their ups and downs. The last main character is Dwight. Dwight Shrute to be precise. He owns a beet farm and is Jim’s worst enemy. He’s a really weird person but you are going to regret not knowing him when you find yourself being attacked by a bear. He knows all about that stuff. This show doesn’t really have anything to do with fashion but it is very enjoyable!



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