Merry Mexican Christmas! (Feliz Navidad)

Mexico is amazing. Let me tell you one thing, you cannot do all of it in a day! I promise that I will post pictures, pictures, and pictures once I get home. Mexico is such a great place to be but I must admit I was kind of hoping for a white Christmas! The hotel is very modern and magical at the same time. There are a lot of secret rooms and passages in the hotel that are really cool. I love this particular room that I took pictures of that has blue walls, star shaped lights, and a fountain in the middle. I shouldn’t really call it a room because it is just a place to walk through to get to the different buildings. My mom and I were talking and we think that all the people that are here are creeps. They are from all over the world and are weird. My dad says that he just left a message to my aunt and uncle for when they come to dinner from the restaurant. It will say that their dog was kidnapped in Canada! They are going to freak out when their waiter comes up and gives them the message. I might have already mentioned that I am going to be getting a straightening perm so my hair will always be straight! My mom wants to get extensions because her hair is really short. Not super short like a pixie cut or anything, just short. Like shoulder length.

Have a merry Christmas!

Love Ya.



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