Katie’s Room

Quirky, fun, and colorful are just a few words that we can use to describe Katie’s room. She collects and collects and as her best friend I have always found it a bit strange. When you look at her room however, you can see why she collects. All over the room are random knick knacks and boxes with hidden objects. She even hides gum, mints, and truffles in a small box. If you want a quirky room like Katie’s I suggest that you buy or collect colorful fun objects to decorate your room with. It will make your bedroom look very personalized. Fun letters that spell out your name or christmas lights you can hang on your wall look decorative. Urban Outfitters has fun curtains and pillows for your room and any other room in your house. In Katie’s bedroom there is an entire shelf dedicated only to pictures which shows her fun loving side. Every last item in her room has a story behind it. Obviously, by the looks of her room, Katie is an artsy girl. Katie keeps a diary as well. Don’t we all keep diaries? Katie has been able to write in hers every single day in fact she has already finished several journals that she calls “the chronicles of Katie.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get many good pictures of Katie’s vanity but it is always stocked with makeup and lotion. Katie’s mom is an interior designer who also fixes old furniture with a modern take on it. A lot of the things that Katie’s mom fixed are in Katie’s room and around the house. My favorite was a red treasure chest like box that had a cool latch and everything.


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