Best Thing Ever: Fashion in the 70’s

Fashion, music, everything was based on the disco theme in the 70’s. In the 70’s the zeitgeist was hippy, rainbow, flowers, and such but also disco madness. When you think of disco I bet that a picture of some dude with an afro and a leisure suit pops into your head but in reality it was a time of fear (because of the russians and the high oil prices) and fashion. As the great Anna Wintour put it, “you would have to walk around with a paper bag over your head not to know that something amazing was happening in fashion.”

Changes were happening in fashion and the world at large. Looking closely at the 60’s you see an array of formal yet colorful clothing but when you move on to the 70’s things start to get wild and crazy. Some of the memorable trends include daisy dukes, fringes, suede leather, velvet, rhinestones, glitter, and tie dye. According to Wikepedia, Vogue was showing glittery outfits. One of the main trends that has come back into style is the famous crop tops. One thing I read online that was interesting was the glittery astronaut suits. They might have worn this because the first man landed on the moon in the 60’s.

In those days women and sometimes even men wore their hair long and wavy. One style that is long gone is called “wings” were hair was flicked to resemble wings at the temples. Fringe wasn’t only popular in clothing, it was also a hair style which we now call bangs. It was common for men to have facial hair and side burns.

If you really look at pictures of women in the 70’s they never wore much makeup. Makeup industries were struggling. Natural makeup was what the average woman wore but punk rocker was a bold outgoing type of makeup to wear. Even the models on the cover of Vogue barely dabbled in the art of cosmetics.

The music in the 70’s was very diverse from punk rock, to heavy metal, to art rock, and of course disco. Each type of music had it’s own style and type of people who listened to it. Now if you hopped into your car and turned on the radio you would be flabbergasted by the fact that the music all sounds the same. Modern music isn’t as diverse as it was in the 70’s. If I was growing up in the 70’s I would have loved disco music.


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