New Years Resolutions (Katie)

New Beginnings:

Once I had a friend say to me, “I need a new beginning”. It was the moment of realization from the heart and a modest truthful start to a brand new life.

Every new year, I make the wishes to get a dog, find what I’m good at, and make every day worth living. And every year I find something in every category (except the dog).

But new beginnings aren’t just the cheesy old every year tradition of New Years. It’s a chance to try again, to start over, and to find yourself again.

Here’s a list of some of my quirky goals to start over and find life:

  1. Live in the world of quotes
  2. Get straight A’s school wise
  3. Blog
  4. Learn one phobia or long word a day
  5. Find some new yummy foods!
  6. Relax with a cup o’ tea or coffee once a day
  7. Write these down and never lose the paper like the last set of these last year.


So you see, Inspiration for your new beginning is everywhere. Find it, and keep it where you want.

Always love yourself, and love your life.

Quote for next New Year’s Eve, “It loved to happen”. So that also counts for today.

An easy way to begin your new chapter of life is to list out your goals and past accomplishment. This gives you a sense of pride from the past, and courtesy for the future. Its always good to love who you are and what you do.

I started over last year by almost completely changing the people I surround myself with. Long story. Not that I’m advising you to do the same, but I was in a desperate situation. Enough about that.

This year, I plan to be myself and not let the influence of school life wear me down. Math can try, but it will be defeated!!!

Long story short; I could ramble on and on and on and on about this, but New beginnings are a great way to think about life. Every day is a page in the book of you, and every year you live through is another chapter completed. Start out by writing a good story on your new clean slate. Its all you and what you do!

Yours truly,



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