Real 70’s Style

Real 70’s style

We’ve seen the fake impressionists of seventies wear, and we have all seen the hippies. But are the hippies really the real deal?

My answer is no. Everyone has heard of the fashion magazine Vogue. It is the fashion bible. So you can just imagine how great they were in the seventies! Here are some of my favorite covers.

I love the braid wrap around thing! I wish I knew how to do that!































According to my mom, it was a really big thing to have phones that matched your outfit. The brand new photo shoot with Elle Fanning for Teen Vogue actually had her holding a blue phone that matched her blue dress!

As you can see the strange fashions and hair are great inspiration. These photos are from around 40 years ago and still are inspiring great things today in society. The insanely beautiful art like way of the photos shows each model in a special way. I love it!

This is what its all about. The seventies were not all hippies and flower power, but fashion and art flourished under the care of some of the most amazing musicians and people who ever lived.

Lets keep the seventies alive by reusing and recycling some of the old trends. Remember: Recycle and make something new come alive, but also reuse the old.



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