How does a trend begin?

Vocabulary time: How does a trend begin?

Blouses, black skinny jeans, dresses, cardigans, ponytails, straight hair and more. These are all things that every teen has worn, or is now wearing. But why and how?

A trend begins when a group of people start wearing a fashionable style or item one or more times. You can call it a fad, trend, or style, but it really comes down to whether or not that group of people look good in what they are wearing.

Here’s an example: You go to school and find suddenly that everyone is wearing a color, style of shirt, jeans, e.t.c. You would most likely try to wear that the next day if you liked what you saw, and therefore a trend is born.

Now, it may not always be that obvious, but you get it.

Also, a trend can begin by a popular store putting out a new collection or a specific type of style. Then, if people go to that store they see the new clothing and buy it. Soon, everyone has that one style of clothing.

Sometimes, a trend is short. Do you remember when everyone had a chicken feather in their head? I do, but now people have been molting the feathers, except for a few.

But on the contrast, they can be very, very long. For instance, are you still wearing short sleeves in the winter? This might have begun a while ago, but still teens are wearing tanks in the middle of January.

So, an over view. A trend is defined in the dictionary as; style or vogue. But my definition is ‘a period of time where everyone catches on to a style, color, or item.’

Trying to make vocabulary more enjoyable,



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