February (Editor’s Letter)

Welcome to February! This month’s theme is the 70’s, so we’re going back in time to explore on of the greatest fashion decades our world has known. We are proud to be opening a new page called DIY’s which will be written by the entire Famine of Fashion staff. January was a good month with our theme of beginnings but we’ve decided to kick it up a notch. We have periods in January where we didn’t post anything for about a week and we are trying to eliminate these awkward moments this month by writing posts ahead of time.

In fun and Christina’s column we will be talking lot’s about 70’s movies. Expect lot’s of reviews for books and movies and also fiction. Christina will be writing her own short story about growing up in the 70’s. We didn’t forget to write about music! We’re working on making playlists for the 70’s as well.

Beauty is going modern this month. We realized it contradicts the 70’s theme but it could still be fun. We have new trends coming to you straight from Teen Vogue and of course middle school. Trends will not only include clothing trends but also popular restaurants, popular music, popular websites, etc.

In fashion I will be giving you tips on how to dress like you would in the 70’s with a modern take. I’m also adding on how to dress like a 70’s style icon. Clothing store reviews are also coming.

Hope you have a great February!




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