Modern 70’s Part 1(how modern day people are bringing back the old days)

In the 70’s, the makeup was either subtle or extremely showy. Everybody thinks of the 70’s as a wild time! Maybe that’s why we all use it as a reference to some of the greatest trends we have seen. We’re starting our Modern 70’s posts with makeup.

70’s makeup is kind of hard to work with. They mostly wore neutral makeup even on magazine covers such as Vogue. My favorite eye makeup from the 70’s is the cat-eye eyeliner. This is how to do the cat-eye look from Rookie Mag.

Red lips are very seventies-esque as well. I learned from Michelle Phan how to tell which shade of red lipstick looks best on you. Whenever I was little I would go into the bathroom and smother on red lipstick for what seemed like hours.

I just found out that Urban Decay had a whole collection inspired by 70’s makeup. They have an awesome roller girl themed nail kit. There’s a wide color variety from metallics to rainbow colors. My favorite color is the neon pink.





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