Knife in your Back


How does it feel when you’ve been let down by someone? You trusted them with something important and they completely forget about it? They take advantage of you? They lie to you? We’re girls, right? So many annoying people are out in the world just waiting to meet us. Whether they are liars or haters, your eventually going to need a way to stay out of the way of these people. These are the kind of people that get on my nerves. Here’s the different types of them and how to deal with them.

1. The Extreme Liar

There is always that one person that lies about everything. You just want to tell them that if they only speak lies your not interested in hearing what they have to say. I think the best way to deal with this sort of person is to avoid them. If they talk to you and walk up to you in the hallway be polite but don’t act like your really into talking to them. Confronting them about their lying can also be a good idea. Then again, it can be a terrible idea. The worst kind of liar will not admit that they have been lying to you. It’s important to make it clear that you want the truth and don’t appreciate lying.

2. The Extreme Brat

I can almost guarantee you will come across someone in your life that you want to smack. They may not realize they brag about everything, but they do. I know this girl that tells me about how rich she is. The best thing to do about people like this is to ignore them. Leave them alone. Your obviously more mature than they are and so it’s best to set an example. Don’t brag or mock but be courteous and civil. Don’t turn into that absolutely annoying spoiled brat that people in school do their best to avoid.

3. The Untrustables

People you meet can give you a bad inkling and it’s always good to trust your gut. If someone makes you uncomfortable the best thing to do is keep your distance and lock up your stuff!

Hope this helps a bit,




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