Best Thing Ever: Munchies!

Munchies! (Also known as snacks but Munchies sounds better.) Perfect snacks for the constant muncher.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is sugary sweetness without too much sugar. In other words, the best treat ever. Chocolate bars, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cookies, etc. are all yummiful(made it up) munchies. There are so many kinds of chocolates and the main two are milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Vosges is a chocolate brand that has so many different kinds of chocolate bars. Bacon chocolate, peppermint chocolate, salt chocolate, caramel chocolate, and many more. So next time you go to Whole Foods, trick your taste buds with these exotic chocolate flavors.

2. Chips

I love sugar and all but I need something salty at times and salted chocolate is not going to cut it, so I turn to my good old friend, chips. You can pretty much get chips of all kinds anywhere. Lays are the most common types of chips but can get super gross n’ greasy. Jalenpeño chips are great. They aren’t as spicy as they sound but they do start to burn a bit after a few munches. In my opinion the worst kind of chips are pop chips. They don’t taste very good and I swear I got a hairy one one time.

3. Crackers

Yeah I know. Your probably thinking, aren’t those just like chips? The answer is no and yes. They are crunchy like chips but crackers have more flavors and ingredients then chips do. Like sandwich crackers. I love the cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers. It sounds much more disgusting then it is but trust me, you can’t really taste the cheese at all.

Peace. Love. Munchies.



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