Eternal Coziness

I had an awful stomach ache today from who knows what. Maybe it was those christmas m and m pancakes I had for breakfast? Anyway, I got to stay home all day, wrapped up in a purple blanket by the fire. While it sucks to be sick there are also upsides like missing school. This article is for you, who ever you are, and your well being. It’s about how to have fun when your stuck at home and sick.

I highly recommend setting up camp on a comfy couch or chair near a T.V. where you can spend the day reading, watching T.V., or pigging out (I’m talking nutella straight out of the jar!). Before you get settled, try to have everything you are going to need close by such as: a phone, books, t.v. remote, food, magazines, or beverages. Trust me, when your sick your not going to want to get up and get all these things yourself. So, like I was saying, you need to be entertained. Getting sick sucks, so try to make the best of it. Don’t just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling or you’ll just think about your symptoms and feel worse. Being distracted will make you feel ten times better.

Good t.v. shows to watch when you are sick can vary from reality t.v. to disney channel. Try to find something you like to watch that will keep you entertained. Sleeping is also good to do when your sick. Of course it’s not exactly fun, but it will make you feel a bit better.

I’ve never actually tried this but giving yourself all sorts of spa treatments will help as well. Facials, manicures, pedicures whatever it may be it will help you to feel more confident in yourself. Also, it’s great to go back to school the next day looking well rested and stupendous.

Hope this helps!


Ps: Don’t get sick. 🙂

PPS: Tea when you are sick is amazing!


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