Valentine’s Day?

Kay. What’s with the question mark, Claire? My answer: Because love is just confusing. Like Harry and Hermione (even though they remain friends). Or Allie and Noah from the Notebook. Or even Jim and Pam from the Office.

This Valentine’s day was just awkward. There were the super awesome people who handed out cupcakes and other sugar related snacks. Then there’s the people like me who give nothing and dress like it’s Hanukah. That’s right! I wore a white and blue striped dress to school. I guess you could say that I am a blue valentine or whatever. Or that I’m wearing school spirit because those are our school colors. One teacher handed out heart shaped erasers. Sigh. The only thing I learned today in that tragic place called school is that the spanish have valentine’s day too but their’s is for lovers and friends. So it’s not awkward there like it is here. Also, it’s in September. The day was ended with character ed. instead of gym (thank god), where we learned about dangers of Facebook.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (To all the lonely people . . . . . . . and couples)



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