March (Editor’s Letter)

Editor’s Letter (March)

Doesn’t every normal girl stand a little too close to the mirror when exaiming a pimple? Doesn’t every normal girl freak out over their looks? Don’t worry, girls!

March’s theme is The Ultimate Beauty Guide. It’s all about inner and outer beauty!

The beauty column is going to be epic of course! The whole theme revolves around it! It will be updated weekly if not daily and be dishing about the best ways to deal with acne or the best treatment for your skin type.

Christina’s Column is going to be discussing how to do things for yourself like meditate, to relax. Also healthy and delicious snacks for you to make!

2012 spring fashion is going to be amazing. We have so many new ideas for spring outfits!

Trends is going to be talking a lot about anything new! New apps, new clothing styles, and of course new trends. This column will help you keep an eye out for upcoming beauty and fashion trends for the spring.

B e yourself

E xpress yourself

A lways relax

U are beautiful

T ake a little time to relax

Y ou are important

Bye bye,



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