New Season. New Clothes. New Trends.

Happy Spring, my fashionistas!
Time to stop reminiscing your wild year and start preparing for spring. I think I’ve now told you a million times, this spring is about being bold and bright. It’s important to be comfortable in what you are wearing but sometimes it’s fun to take a step out of your comfort zone and see how you like it. I found some awesome outfits for spring from Urban Outfitters, Chictopia, and Forever 21. Forever 21 is a great place to shop now because you can buy adorable things for less. The spring sale is on now so 75% off certain dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes, accessories, etc. I recently discovered Chictopia, a website that informs people of fashion related news, let’s people buy and sell clothing, and browse a gallery of the latest trends. This is a great place to find creative and unique clothing.
In Style: Bright eye make up, bright clothing, odd silver and gold jewelry, and asymmetrical skirts.
Out of Style: Boots, baggy shirts, muted colors.
I’m not in high school yet, but Teen Vogue has been talking a lot about prom prep. I found some great dress options on etsy that will make any prom goer stand out. I think when high schoolers shop for prom, all they think about is the dress and not really what goes with it. So this month we will be writing about how to accessorize any outfit. I always find myself wondering in the morning, should I wear a necklace with this? All these types of questions will be answered, ladies.
I love everything about April. I love the weather, the fashion, the trends, the jokes. In honor of April Fools Day, we decided not to have a theme this month. We will keep you guessing with all of our articles.
In beauty, we are discussing how to avoid different beauty crises and how to deal with them as well. Christina’s column is going to be doing the usual reviews and entries about the world. Fun= the perfect april fool’s tricks, of course! Fashion is talking about all the new ways to dress. Dancing will give more advice about injuries, dance clothes, dance shoes, etc. Finally, trends is going to be talking about latest fads in school.
Happy April Fool’s Day!

Famine of Fashion has a Twitter!

Hey girls! I thought it would be cool if Famine of Fashion had a Twitter account. I mean, Facebook isn’t really useful, and YouTube is just video sharing. So, we made a Twitter! Our username is @FamineofFashion is you want to follow us. The thing that I like about Twitter is that it doesn’t ask for your age so you don’t have to fake being 14 like Facebook. So, what are you waiting for? Come check it out at!/FamineofFashion


Sam ❤


Hello! (and goodbye)

I’m going to Florida until Sunday and I’m kind of sad! I mean, I’m excited to get a tan and go on vacation, but I miss my cute little house that has a freezer filled with popsicles. I will take pictures with my brand new camera and post them as soon as possible! In case you were wondering, I’m going to long boat key in Florida. It’s supposed to be a really opulent area and we are staying in my godmother’s house there. I’m the only kid, as usual, so I hope I’m not to bored. I’ll find something awesome! My mom says the shells on the beach are huge so maybe I’ll try to bring some back. My vacation goal: to relax and get a tan. I tan pretty easily so that shouldn’t be too hard. I still have a bit of a tan from winter break in Mexico. I hate airplanes! I love to travel, but airplanes kind of ruin it for me because they make me feel sick. I hate being on them at night so “lucky me” our flight is at 7:30 tonight! That means we will get there early in the morning. I have very specific things I need to get myself through long air trips:

1. Magazines! Preferably Vogue and Teen Vogue.

2. Life water or Vitamin water

3. A pack of gum

4. Lot’s of good books (I left the library last night with 5 books)

5. Ipod touch

6. My ugly doll, Ice Bat also known as Space Bat

7. Fuzzy blanket. Preferably my fuzzy pink High School Musical Blanket from back in the day!

I hope everyone has a great spring break! (And that Florida has wifi!)


Top 10 Make Up Products

Top 10 Make Up Products
1. Love & Beauty GLOW IN THE DARK 🙂 nail polish from
This lovely polish comes in many different colors and even glows in the dark! Love & Beauty’s nail polish is very inexpensive and lasts for a while. This nail polish would be fun to wear at a sleepover or camp out so you can show off your glowing nails to your friends.
2. Stress Relief body mist
Remember Sammy’s article about stress relief? Breathe in and out. Now you can breathe in the sweet stress relief body mist from bath and body works. This mist is good for a spa themed sleepover or just for relaxing after a tough day at school.
3. Yves Saint Laurent Lip Stick
A perfect coral colored lip stick for spring.
4. Body Butter
Body Butter lotion is really great for dry skin. The winter is ending, so it’s time to end your dry winter skin. That’s why this lotion is great for dry skin and relaxation.
5. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush
Everyone needs a splash of color this spring. This comes in different shades that compliment your skin tone.
6. Maybelline Eye Shadow
Us girls have lots to do all day long! We need make up that will last. Maybelline eye shadow is long lasting and brightly colored so you won’t have to worry about it fading away. It’s practically tattooed on. Until you have to wash if off, of course!
7. Yves Saint Laurent Make Up Case
This lovely make up case isn’t only good for carrying make up, but all your other beauty needs as well.
8. Juicy Tubes
They may not have flavors, but this lip gloss is colorful, glossy, and long lasting!
9. Chanel Number 19 Perfume
Sweet smelling perfume that is so worth it’s price.
10. Great Lash Mascara
America’s most voluminous mascara!


We have recently had an inspiration due to Cruella De Vill’s design company from 101 Dalmations. We think that we should base our new ideas on Disney characters. For me, my inspiration has always been my sister. Basically that’s what’s going on at Famine of Fashion. Just in case you were wondering, we’ll get some new articles out there soon!