Inner Beauty

Don’t ever doubt yourself. Seriously, that’s step one in becoming more confident. I barely studied for this really hard test one time and I the whole time I believed I could do and I aced it. Inner beauty is about being yourself because you are beautiful. Don’t stop believing!

Step two in feeling beautiful is to know all about your self. Know your interests, resolutions, whatever. Just try to get in touch with your true self. I highly recommend yoga and meditation for getting to a better you.

Good hygiene! Brush your teethe, moisturize, wash your face and pretty much do whatever it takes to look your best without the harsh products and chemicals in make up. If you do wear make up, make sure to use a make up remover to prevent breakouts.

Tip: Cucumbers are super good and refreshing for your skin so you can either cut up a cucumber from jewel and pop it on your eyes for a while or you can buy cucumber scented face wipes to remove make up and refresh your skin.

Best Skin Products:

Evian Facial Spray; $14

Sea Mineral Scrub; $18

Honey Scrub; $110

Deep Moisture Body Cream; $8.99

Intense Hydrator; $36

Oil free lotion; $54

Tip: DRINK WATER! Did you know that drinking what cleans out your system to prevent you from being sick? Not to mention it’s super refreshing and hydrating. Drinking lot’s of water can also prevent acne because, like I said, it cleans out your system. 8 glasses of water or more a day are super beneficial to preventing acne. It gives your skin a healthy glow and helps you sweat to release toxins that cause acne. Your brain alone is made of 70% water so think about how you would do on a test if you didn’t drink any? Try to avoid caffeinated sodas that can cause severe acne.

Good luck!





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