Modern Makeup

Modern Makeup

Whether you spend your days at home or at school or at parties, you deserve to wear makeup. A lot of people don’t like makeup but if you do, this article is for you. The new makeup style is kind of bright and daring not to mention bold. The most courageous colors are out at MAC now and it will give you a new look for the new month. Think macaroons, the new Prada ads, the new Louis Vuitton ads, and candy crossed and you get modern makeup.


The best way to get the best eye shadow colors for you is to either buy a custom palette or the 88 color palette. When it comes to the 88-color palette, you have a wide selection of bright colors.

Try new eyeliner colors this season too. Something you wouldn’t usually aim for like green or purple. It’s always fun to try and find a color that matches and brings out your eyes/eye color.


Tinted lip glass is pretty popular now. You can either get a regular scented gloss or unscented gloss with no color. However, like I said, bright colors are in right now. I recommend trying a peachy tinted gloss if you have darker skin and a darker tint if you have lighter skin.

Nude lips are all the rage in magazines as well. I try to stick with a lighter matte lipstick for the nude lip look. You can also get a lipstick that is similar to the color of your skin but don’t make it the exact color.





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