A short pamphlet on how to get through 7th grade

Oh my god. Don’t we all just dread this near impossible grade? Stress is hard to avoid with those piles of homework being dropped on your head everyday with only two days a week to recover! Everyone deserves to feel confident at school for at least one day. Heres how:

1. Take advantage of the weekend.

This is a no brainer. Saturday can be your day to hang out and then Sunday can be your homework/studying day or the other way around. The weekend is a great time to relax. I like to take the weekends to do homework, plan my outfits for the week, and clean my room. Doing most of your homework over the weekend is great because you will have more week days free to hang out with friends and family or just have a night in watching movies.

2. Look your best.

In my opinion, I work better when I look my best. I always feel self-conscious when I am wearing something I don’t really like or feel comfortable in but if I am wearing my favorite outfit, I feel confident. You can get up early to style your hair, apply makeup, and put on an outfit and still have time to do other things for yourself. Of course, getting up early means going to bed early, so never under estimate the power of a good nights sleep. Sleeping helps you think better and gives you more time to do stuff in the morning.

3. Avoid mean people.

Mean or “popular” girls can make you feel self conscious and worried about how you look and what you say. Stick with your true friends. True friends will stand up for you and stand by your side through everything. They care about you unlike those girls that you want to be friends with. Friends keep away loneliness and make sure that you are super happy at all times.

Hope these help!


Best friends stick together forever and ever!!!!!!


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