Beautiful Brands


I have a million designer brands that I love and wish I designed! The high end stuff is definitely the best. Some people say that designer brands are pointless and you can buy the same thing for less at Target. This is so un true! Not only does designer brand clothing last but it’s not just clothing. Most designers also sell furniture and home decorations that are very high end. That is the point of designer brands! To give you the best out there. So here are some of the best.

Ralph Lauren

RL is probably one of my favorite brands. It’s one of the most popular and also equestrian! It’s very edgy yet comfy and elegant. Right now Ralph Lauren is showing off their stunning evening dresses. There comfy clothes are super bold and colorful which compliments the fashion trends going on right now. There online shop is even letting you create your own collection. Their earrings are very dangly and dripping with stones such as quartz and crystal.

Juicy Couture

Juicy is the best designer brand for teens not only because of their clothes but also because of their accessories. At our school, Juicy is best known for it’s charm bracelets. They have thousands of charms of all different kinds to pick from. They have holiday edition charms as well that are specific for that holiday. There are also limited addition charms that they have for a short time which, in my opinion, are probably worth more.


BCBG in one word this season is edgy. They do creative things such as patterned shorts and skirts of all colors. There jewelry is my very favorite this season. Spikes, leaves, and fringes are unique qualities to give to jewelry but BCBG has done it!

Hope you enjoy this,


One of Juicy’s cutest inventions is their lipgloss with a charm wand! I think it can be worn as a bracelet with the lipgloss as one of the charms.


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