Get Flawless Looking Skin!

Hey people! We got a request for an article on the steps for skin care. Well, here it is!

  • First, get a face wash for your type of skin. For instance, people with dry skin should consider Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Face Wash. To use, wet your skin. Then, apply a little dab on your finger and spread around your face. Use little dabs for each section of your face. 
  • Then, rinse your hands to get any soap off your hands, and get ALL traces of soap on your face. Once it looks like you have no soap and your face is dry, try using Neutrogena On-the-Spot acne treatment to get rid of any pimples you have. Use the Acne Treatment once a day at first, and then gradually start using it twice a day.
  • In a couple of weeks (or more, depending on how bad your skin is), you should be at least pimple free and have healthy, fresh, beautiful skin. But don’t stop this routine even though the acne is gone– Keep it up. And, who knows? A little pimple might show up completely out of the blue! Thats why its SO important to take care of your skin daily. 




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