Letter from the Editor (Middle of the Month)


I know i’ve already written a letter from the editor for this month but here is another one for the middle of the month-ish. As you know, we have added Claudette and Sammy to our staff this month and they are doing great. We have been updating a lot more, have you noticed? This month is all about beauty. Sammy is covering how to relax and get those beautiful spring looks for this month. In fun, we are working on writing a huge gift guide because it seems that a lot of people have their birthday this month. You may have noticed that we added a dance page for this month. One of our best writers, Katie, wrote a great article on how to be a stellar student and of course her trends. We decided that trends are not only about clothing and fashion but about books, movies, music, and games as well. So Katie started writing about these topics as well. Spring is kind of a new beginning so we are talking about that too.

Please enjoy this lovely spring!


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