Role Model Student

School is a touchy subject. Just the word school can result is stressfull thoughts and freaking out. But there is a way to make school a happy thought, a carefree breezy word.

Organization: The perfect student is organized and has all their work on time and fully completed. For me, this is hard. But, what I do is keep a folder for every class in one big binder. This way, I have all my supplies where I need them at all times. Also, I don’t have to worry about grabbing everything on my way to a class, becuase I have it all at all times. Also, not only should your binder be organized, but also your folders. If you have spanish work in your math folder, how will you find it when you need to turn the work in? Keep what you need in the folder that you need it for.

Grades: I seriously just felt a second of my heart being squeezed when I wrote that word. Grades are the most stressful part of school. At my school, to get an A you need a percent of 93 or more! I find it completely ridiculous. But no matter what your school’s system is, it can be pretty easy to get straight A’s. I like to think of it like this; if you do well on your first asignment of the quarter, you have an A. Do well on all the rest of the homework asignments, projects, e.t.c and you get a final score of an A. Easy, right? Not so much, but if you try hard you are almost garunteed a great score, and a spot on the honor role.

No matter what I say or suggest for school, the stress never really dissapears. But if you give yourself a little bit of free time every day to do what you love or relax, then it lifts a little weight off your shoulders. Treat yourself! With summer almost here, just think about all the fun you’ll have at the pool, beach, or on vacation. All your hard work will pay off soon! So be the student role model and follow the two easy steps to success. Good luck!



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