Modeling isn’t as easy as it seems. Katie, Clarisse, Claudette and Sammy are really good at it, though. Modeling may seem boring or wierd but it is really tough. You may be able to tell by the lack of pictures of me, but I’m not good at modeling. I’m okay with taking regular pictures like the ones at the bottom which are actually goofy, not regular. But I’ve never had to do a retake in school photos. So overall, I’m pretty photogenic, but modeling is a whole different ballgame. You finally get the smiling and waving and putting your arms around eachother but then you have to learn how to keep a straight face no matter how funny the face behind the camera is. You have to get just the right mixture of wierd and cool into the photo. It’s not the normal, Oh, let’s take a picture in front of this building! You have to think of a totally huge, new, unordinary, obscure, amazing picture. Modeling is tough, when you enter the photoshoot you forget everything you know about smiling and waving.

You’ll be hearing more from me soon! – Christina


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