Don’t Stop Being Silly :)


Did you know that laughing makes you live longer? True fact. Sometimes things like school work and school and teachers and did I mention school can get you down. At these times, it’s important to remember those inside jokes that still make you and your friends double over with laughter. When we get a lot of homework, it’s good to sometimes throw things aside and say, “I need a break!” There is nothing wrong with taking a break from all those stressful things we have to overcome in life, right? When you are bored, it’s fun to google random things on the internet. Here is a website that you can use up your break time with: Another great thing you can do when you need a laughing break is to call up your friends and make new memories/inside jokes. Your friends can always cheer you up when you are down. Just yesterday, I was stressed about grades and K, C and S were great friends. They helped me calm down, told me my grades were great, and told me that everything is going to be okay. Watching dumb reality t.v. is a great way to lift your spirits as well. It’s so fun to flop down with a bowl of popcorn and make fun of all the stupid movies out there.

Hope this helps!


PS: I love this! Sorry it’s so big!


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