Say goodbye to the old turtlenecks, sweaters, pants, coats and say hello to the new summer stuff! You can kiss winter goodbye because I don’t think we’ll see any more snow for a while here. Yesterday marked the first day of spring! So welcome shorts and tank tops! Summer and spring are really exciting because it is finally getting warm enough to wear shorts! YAY! your legs probably have a bad case pantitis, being shoved into skinny jeans and other pants for several months. In case you were wondering, yes, I did just make that word up. I love summer and have been especially excited about this one because we have had an awful winter with no snow and just cold, just above freezing so we had rain in the middle of winter! Anyway, you can get your wardrobe ready, since, personally I think summer wardrobes have a lot more variety than winter wardrobes. Back to the main topic, summer! Make clear two things when you’re picking out your favorite pair of shorts and shirt that you’re just dying to wear: 1. It still fits from last year, I fit into a size 8 last year, but I’m obviously going to have to move up this year! 2. They actually match! With the rush of summer and spring break here already, you still need to stop and make sure that your outfit still matches, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you should start to look like a pig. Look in the mirror and say to yourself: Is this the best I can look today?
But, sometimes, short shorts and a tank top is not what you’re comfortable in, maybe you’re more of a capri person. NEVER EVER wear something you are not comfortable in, you may feel pressure to wear a tank top and short shorts, but if you like capri’s better, by all means, wear capri’s. Don’t just go with the flow, be your own person and wear what YOU feel is comfortable, it makes you more unique. If you ever don’t feel comfortable wearing something everyone is wearing, talk to your best friend, or maybe consult your mom… Don’t feel pressured to be like everyone else, because I guarantee that people like you better just the way you are.
Enjoy the beautiful weather feeling comfortable! – Christina

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