Do you ever feel like you overuse a hairstyle? Well, I think I might be able to help! Just take a quick look at the tips below
1. The ponytail: classic, sporty, simple, comfortable helpful. This can come in handy especially as the days get hotter and hotter. Don’t get too comfy with it though, because it can be easily overused. Especially in hot weather. If you like the ponytail you might like the ballerina bun.
2. Ballerina Bun: you can do it two ways, make your hair in a ponytail but don’t use a hairtie, then twist it until your whole ponytail is twisted and then wrap the bun on the top of your head. (add a picture)
3. The Braid: The braid is very simple and looks good. You can switch it up and pull it to the side or you can do two, or just stick with one down your back.
4: The French Braid: If you do not know how to do this you need to learn because this is a classic, it looks great, and is really fun to try on your friends and your own hair. (maybe add step by step procedure with pictures) you can learn from a friend, your mom, or maybe even right now if you want to, just follow the step by step procedure below:
1) use steps similar to the regular braid, but starting on the top of your head.
2) gradually pull in a little more hair one piece at a time.
3) keep doing this until you get to the end of your braid, then tie with ponytail holder.
5. French Braid Part of Your Hair into a ponytail: (just crediting Katie L. because I borrowed her idea, thanks) You french braid one part of your hair until you get to about your ear and then you can finally pull the rest of it into your ponytail, or keep going if you wish.
7. Fish Tail: Looks amazing and people compliment you and ask who did your hair all day, perfect due for a trendsetter. Divide hair into two pieces, take tiny parts from the outside and pull them in alternating sides.
                  Hope this gave you some new ideas!
                                                – Chrisitna

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