How to Make Your Mark at School

I wake up to a screeching alarm clock at around 6:30 5 days a week for school. Then, I have to get up, wash my face and do my hair, all the while deciding about how to be the exact opposite of all the other girls at school. Most girls at my school try to fit in with the tight fitting jeans that are probably three sizes to small, hair in purposely sloppy buns that can ruin anyone’s look no matter how sophisticated the outfit is, and baggy sweatshirts that are probably three sizes to large. Well, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings who may wear this, but this is the opposite of what they showed in the March teen vogue. Probably the April teen vogue, and any other trusted fashion magazine out there. Here are three fashionable trends that really should appear more this summer and will help you make your mark in school;

Designed shorts: Your old dark wash jean shorts are probably getting to small for you now anyway. After all, this trend came in around 2 years ago! But still people insist on wearing the boring colored shorts instead of catching on to an upcoming wave of color that designer’s are making shorts with this year. For example, I got the cutest pair of white jean shorts with a little bit of fray at the end last year. But those aren’t the reason they caught Claire and my eyes, because they are decorated with navy flowers! This simple design was really cute and I still love them more than any other shorts I own. These designed shorts are great because they go with any solid color top, and almost any style shoe but boots, I’m thinking more sandal type. You can get some of these at Forever 21 (this is where I got mine), Nastygal (these are a little bit pricey), (also a bit pricey), and even Target!

Rompers: Why do girls ignore rompers? I have a new crush on rompers, because they really stick out and are a daring move. With a cute romper, you don’t need to worry about what top goes with what shorts, or vise-versus. I think that rompers go really well with cardigans and gladiator sandals. For example, Claire has a light blue denim-looking romper and last week she wore it with a navy blue cardigan and gold ballet flats. You can buy adorable rompers at Forever 21, Nastygal, and Madewell. Basically, these three stores have all your summer needs.

Gladiator Sandals: These have been around for ever. Quite literally, because in fact they really represent the old Greek sandals that you see in the history books, right? Gladiator sandals come in almost every color and are super super cute! They go well with anything for any occasion, from school to a dinner. You can get these almost everywhere, but they are cheap at target, Forever 21, and Famous Footwear. These sandals are cute and if you get a neon color will most definitely stick out. With these sandals, I like to get away from tan and black, and run into the world of yellow, blue and green.

So, instead of trying to always fit in, try to stand out a little bit more with these three summer must haves.

Happy shopping!



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