Have you ever been stressed out by money? Have you ever had to deny a trip to the mall because you were broke? Has money ever made you totally freak out? Have you ever owed someone money? I think all of us have been in at least one of these situation. I have simple solution: SHARE, SAVE, SPEND. Share your money by donating some to a local charity or give it to the homeless, don’t just keep it to yourself and be greedy. Save your money for something you really want because if you don’t save your money, you’ll blow it all on something you don’t even need or want. Spend your money because if you don’t spend it……..what’s the point in having it? Money is a necessity, money is helpful, but money isn’t something to just throw around like confetti! If you do go shopping with your friends, don’t go totally bizerk, like buying a necklace for $40, but maybe finding something just as cute for $10. I’m all about money, since I’m usually broke, I always look for sales and jobs like babysitting, dogwatching, housewatching, taking coats at a party, etc. But, look in the sales section, that’s what I do. I went to Old Navy once, and they have really good deals and stuff, but I’m so cheap that I waited for something that was already on sale to be marked down even more! The point I’m trying to get across to you is that you should use money wisely, because there is a limited supply. Don’t go broke on one piece of jewelry, and don’t be a total snob with money, rubbing it in everyone’s face. If someone needs to borrow money, if you have enough, then share, but make sure you collect on your loans. Because if you don’t then people will begin to take advantage of you and your money.

                         Hope this was of use to some of you! -Christina

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