Just a Little Bit Longer :)


School has been so stressful lately, am I right? Don’t stress. Just remember the year is almost over. Work hard for a few more weeks and then you can just let go and relax.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is to have an update sort of thing. We have been working very hard to update the blog. Trust me, we’ve got some fabulous ideas in store.

We obviously updated the blog by adding a dance page with great advice from Claudette. You can post a comment asking her any dance related questions at the bottom of her page. She knows everything about dance from what type of ballet shoes work best for different types of feet. Also, Sammy has joined the Famine of Fashion scene with her great  beauty tricks and how-to’s.

Hope you love it!



3 thoughts on “Just a Little Bit Longer :)

  1. We’ll change it once we all agree on it because if some of us don’t want to, then we should agree on something that we all like. Who wrote this?

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