Hello! (and goodbye)

I’m going to Florida until Sunday and I’m kind of sad! I mean, I’m excited to get a tan and go on vacation, but I miss my cute little house that has a freezer filled with popsicles. I will take pictures with my brand new camera and post them as soon as possible! In case you were wondering, I’m going to long boat key in Florida. It’s supposed to be a really opulent area and we are staying in my godmother’s house there. I’m the only kid, as usual, so I hope I’m not to bored. I’ll find something awesome! My mom says the shells on the beach are huge so maybe I’ll try to bring some back. My vacation goal: to relax and get a tan. I tan pretty easily so that shouldn’t be too hard. I still have a bit of a tan from winter break in Mexico. I hate airplanes! I love to travel, but airplanes kind of ruin it for me because they make me feel sick. I hate being on them at night so “lucky me” our flight is at 7:30 tonight! That means we will get there early in the morning. I have very specific things I need to get myself through long air trips:

1. Magazines! Preferably Vogue and Teen Vogue.

2. Life water or Vitamin water

3. A pack of gum

4. Lot’s of good books (I left the library last night with 5 books)

5. Ipod touch

6. My ugly doll, Ice Bat also known as Space Bat

7. Fuzzy blanket. Preferably my fuzzy pink High School Musical Blanket from back in the day!

I hope everyone has a great spring break! (And that Florida has wifi!)



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