Happy Fool’s Day!

Waking up at 5:00 in the morning to a noisy alarm clock my sister set the night before wasn’t the best surprise for the last day of break. Also, it went on for at least ten minutes before my parents could find it because apparently the noise wasn’t enough, so she also had to hide it in their room. All the same, these stupid annoying pranks are what make April fool’s day fun and interesting! Whether it be corn (or any frozen vegetable) in coffee or cereal, or calling someone and yelling, “We have a test tomorrow!” pranks are always fun to play on people, and never fun to be played on.

Prank #1: Every morning, someone makes a batch of coffee in my house. So for me, the frozen vegetables in coffee trick is a good one. Here’s how you do it

1. Find frozen peas or corn in your freezer

2. Squish your chosen veggies onto the bottom of a mug until your sure they will stay there even when hot coffee is poured on top of them

3. Pour the coffee slowly into the mug, making sure your “secret ingredient” does not float to the top

4. Give it to your chosen person and watch their reaction!

Prank #2: Have you ever realized how people always will pick up the coin they just happen to see on the street, in their home, or pretty much anywhere else? This coin prank will show you just exactly how much people love to pick up spare change.

1. Find a quarter, dime, or any other coin

2. Get a glue that can hold a coin to the ground despite people frantically trying to collect it

3. Glue the coin to the ground and sit nearby watching as everyone tries to pick it up

So these 2 pranks should keep you busy for the next 12 hours or so. You can go on Aprilfoolzone.com for more pranks as well as guyism,com. Have fun pranking!



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