Hot New Makeup For School

Instead of plain old boring black mascara and black eyeliner, with the same old pink lip gloss, I’ve got a list for some new, unique makeup to make you stand out from everyone else in the hallway (In an absolute good way)!

1. Mascara. Its, like a 911 for your lashes. But, instead of doing the same black mascara, try using a bold, bright color: Blue! Painting your lashes an electric blue is a dramatic twist– totally unexpected. I like blue mascara because its so much fresher and cooler than the basic black–boring! Its spring, and spring is all about bright, bold colors. Blue mascara should definitely be on your shopping list next time you visit the drugstore!Image

2. Lipstick. What girl can’t live without it? Most girls I know love light, pinky colors. And even though spring is cheery and warm, you can always go deep with dark lipstick. A dark color, like burgundy, looks great on girls with olive skin tones. The reason why I love burgundy is because its, “Softer than red, and more dramatic than pink.” When people look at you, they’ll be blown away that your taking suck a risk with makeup! Image

3. Eyeliner. To make your eyes pop, this is the way to go. When using the basic black, it can sometimes look . . . boring! Try freshening up a bit with winged, blue liner! I recommend using MAC cosmetics for eyeliner. Also, don’t forget the bottom of your eyes need attention, too. Try using a sparkly golden color, to the middle iris out.ImageImage

Its fun to play with makeup, and to also find your own style with it, too! You don’t have to steal other girls’ style; You can be your own trendsetter. And, trust me; With these hot new looks, girls will be starting to wonder, ‘Gee, I really love her makeup! Its bold and different, and I think I want to give it a go!’ Its fun to be different and unique sometimes. And when other kids try to bring you down, just keep your head up high! They have no power over you, or how you look. Be proud of the way you are! Embrace it with style and grace. 🙂


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