Small Things That You Need for School

Ever find yourself wondering in the middle of class, “why didn’t I bring so and so? I really wish I had so and so!” Well now you don’t have to worry because you can have it with you at all times! Sorry for the cheesy opener but my point is that there are always things I long for in the middle of a boring class. I obviously can’t bring in a can of soda or anything like that but there are other small things and random things that keep me some what entertained during classes I don’t like.

1. Multi colored pens/highliters

Colorful pens and high liters and so fun to use during class because you can doodle in color with them. I always have more fun taking math notes in purple or blue. Pencils are handy because they erase, but when you don’t need a pencil, using these colorful utensils is a blast. You can buy rainbow pens anywhere, really. Any drugstore, dollar store, grocery store, or supermarket should have them. Gel pens are another type of pen that are really fun to use because you can buy sparkly ones.


2. Chapstick

I always have chapped lips so chapstick is a great thing to carry around for me. It’s important to keep your lips healthy and shiny and applying a bit of chapstick every once in a while can really be helpful. There are all different types of chapstick but my personal favorite is baby lips. It actually does give you very soft lips like a baby’s. I always hate it when I have crusty skin stuck to my lips, so I use chapstick to get rid of it.

3. Candy

Always have some sort of thing to munch in your pencil case. I find that a piece of mint gum helps me focus during class. Unfortunately, gum is banned from most schools. What about mints and jolly ranchers? Those were never officially banned, were they? Any small candy that can fit in your pencil case is good. Mint is the best because it helps your mind focus and relax at the same time!

Sorry for the short article! It’s a school night.





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