How to Put Together an Outfit

Hello and Happy Easter!

I just wanted to give you all my tips on how to put together an outfit. In my opinion, when putting together an outfit, you should always experiment and try new things that you would’t normally wear. A great outfit that you feel comfortable in can boost your self confidence as well. I do not recommend a necklace if a shirt/dress has a lot of patterns or a graphic on the front.  Here is exactly what the college fashionista told me to do when putting together an outfit:

“When I put together a new outfit, I usually try to find an unorthodox way of wearing the piece of clothing. At first its tough to find your specific style, but just experiment with things and see what you like best. As long as your outfit reflects your personality and you wear it with confidence, people will start to compliment you and notice your style. And thats always the best because then it boosts your confidence and gives you that extra push to grow. :).” -Gaia Santiago

If your not exactly sure what to wear, there are so many fashion blogs out there that can give you tips. For example, Forever 21 is a great place where you can pick  what you want to buy from in outfit. You can select the “shop by outfit” option and shop for any outfit from Forever 21.

Make sure that you don’t always wear the same thing. I guarantee you that almost every girl has gone through this issue at some point. It’s important to wear unique outfits each day and not the same things each week. I recommend wearing an outfit only once every 2-3 weeks. Another thing you can do is sell all the clothes you don’t wear, which can sometimes be hard, and buy new clothes with the money. Like I said, this step can be hard because you might think something is cute even if it is too small but it is definitely worth it. Just think of all the new clothes you can buy with the money.

Good luck!


Cute dress for Spring:

Forever 21


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