Don’t Procrastinate!

Hello, readers!

Everyday after school, you come home, sit down, lay out your homework, and – ooh, look! A butterfly! NO! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! GET IT OVER WITH! But theres a new episode of Dance moms, mom! Plus, I have plenty of time to do homework later! NO! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! In your opinion, your mom might sound super annoying at this time but alas, no, she is completely right. Your life will be so much easier if you just do all your homework at school or the minute you get home. I admit that I used to procrastinate a lot and I hated myself for it. I realize, though, the only way to get better was to do everything I had to do right away. Now I have lot’s of time to work on the blog and play outside because I have done most of my homework at school and finished the rest at home. My number 1 tip on how to stop procrastinating, is not to over estimate your time. You may think that you have hours of free time and you have time to do homework later but in reality you might have an activity you have to do. I used to find myself watching T.V. and texting for hours when I looked up at the clock and realized I hadn’t done any homework and it was 10:30 pm! I haven’t gotten any homework labs in 7th grade but it’s still not good to wait to do homework. If you stay up to late you will be super tired at school the next day. I’ve found that since I started getting my homework done quickly, I’ve been able to get more sleep. Sometimes it’s hard to give up recess to do homework but think of it this way, your still at school and your not really missing out on much that happens outside.

Hope this article helps!


PS: Don’t let this be you!



3 thoughts on “Don’t Procrastinate!

  1. Well my problem may sound a bit strange. I do my homework but I’m Constantly listening/watching One Direction (the best thing ever) :). But I don’t really realize that I’m watching it for 7 hrs. not 7 min. So I’m not sure what to do.

      • So, your not really procrastinating but you get stuck on something when you know you should be studying or doing homework. It happens to me too. The best thing to do is be aware of how much time you spend listening to music and make sure to balance it with the amount of time you spend studying. You can take a break from homework sometimes but just make sure you don’t lose track of time and spend the whole night forgetting about your homework.
        Hope this helps!

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