April Showers bring us Flowers

I hate the rain!

As you may know, a deadly storm swept through Chicago, Minneapolis, Little Rock, Houston, St. Louis, and Shreveport just yesterday night. I live in Chicago, where we have a lot of storms and wind, so you can just imagine how terrified I was.

Despite the gloomy weather, us girls still want to look fabulous, right? Try to be the opposite of the weather, cheery, bright, bold, and colorful. I was searching through my favorite stores lately and I found some really cute pieces that are perfect for spring and summer. Here are my fav’s that are from Urban Outfitter’s:

As you can see, the first two clothing pieces have more delicate colors. I especially love the skirt because of how the different colors blend together to create a really pretty effect. The last dress is bright and edgy and my favorite part of it is the cool cut out in the back and of course the color.

^ Another example of the blended colors. ^

How to beat the rainy gloom away:

1. Tea!

Ok, peeps. This is kind of random but there is nothing that a warm cup of tea, a book,  fireplace, and blanket won’t fix. However, if you don’t like tea you can try a different tea flavors or go with hot chocolate, coffee, or any other drink really.

Don’t forget to lift your pinkie and feel british!

2. Watch movies

Whether it’s a dumb movie from when you were a kid or a new chic flick, watching movies can be therapeutic. Your sucked out of your own world and into another that might not have the same dismal weather as your world.

Enjoy your April!



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