Festival Fashion

Hey, Readers!

First of all, Forever 21 is a great place to shop for cheap festival outfits. Forever 21’s tops mostly have fringes, tie dye, and lace. Crop tops and chiffon skirts or sweaters are also a good idea. Also try a pair of high waisted light wash jeans, colorful yarn bracelets, and a fringed crop top for the ultimate hippie look. And don’t forget to belt it*. I wouldn’t recommend any colorful or black belts. Just stick with natural, muted browns and tans. Sandals and ankle booties are both good with maxi skirts and dresses but I wouldn’t recommend ankle booties with jeans unless they are skinny jeans. If you want to go the extra mile, try some vintage jewelry necklaces or bracelets.

*Belt it-the action of adding a belt to an outfit.

Flowy Palazzo Pants $27.80

Woven Swirl Thong Sandals $7.50

Wild Child Crop Tank $10.80

Tie Dye Cutout Top $11.80

Paisley Duster Cardigan $24.80

Cutout Lace Dress $24.80

Happy Partying!


BTW: All of the clothes above are from forever 21.


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