Letter from the Editor (June)

Hey, girls!

It’s June and finally Summer! Get ready for all sorts of new posts under your favorite columns.

In fashion we are discussing patterns, cuts, and shapes of different dresses, shorts, skirts, and tops. Gladiator sandals and other shoes are going to be big in this column. We have also talked about lots of good ways to save on clothing and stores that will keep you and your wallet happy.

Beauty is all about having healthy skin, nails, and hair. Learn how to keep your body healthy for summer and how to tan . . . the safe way! Sammy is also planning on making some video nail tutorials for you!

Christina’s Column will teach you how to earn money and how to spend it right. Christina will be telling you about what to carry in your new pool tote bag. To tie in with the whole money theme find the best summer fashion deals with Christina.

Trends is going to be about all that pool and beach stuff. Sunglasses, tote bags, what to wear the pool, how to jazz up your hair, jewelry, music, and movies will all be talked about in Katie’s fabulous trends column.

In good life we are going to talk about relaxation for summer of course. DIY snacks are in store as well. We’ll teach you how to throw the most amazing party this summer.

We’ve also got some new ideas for this month such as Cultural Blogging. Every once in a while we will discuss our favorite locations in the world like Paris. We’ll show you the locations’ culture, food, fashion, etc.

It Girl is another segment we will be doing each month. Every month each column will vote on a famous It Girl and then write about her and why we picked her. Depending on what we vote on, the It Girl will either be fictional or real.

Read on!

Claire ❤


Dear Darlings,

Dear Darlings,

7th grade is over in about 2 days! We are very excited about that and I have decided that we will not be posting until May. I know, I know, It’s only two days away (more like one) and it’s kind of pointless to stop now but these last few days have been super stressful on all of us. I’m so sorry we already haven’t been posting but we are going to be getting together soon to have a big photo shoot. This is sort of like a good bye for now. Keep reading out blog because we’ve got some new ideas coming your way!


Feminine Fashion

Feminine Fashion
 Hey, Chicas!
First off, I hope you like the blog’s new look! I changed it up a bit because I thought our blog need a fresh look. Anyways, I made this polyvore because I always talk about edgy style and I forget about how much I love feminine style. If you want to look casual and cute for the summer, try any of these items or similar ones to look effortlessly beautiful. In my opinion, gold and peach are very feminine colors along with light brown and tan. Pastels such as rose pink and mint green give the collage of clothing items a sweet yet haunting side. If you are looking for a hairstyle that screams feminine, I recommend straight hair or a simple sloppy side braid. Straight hair gives you a more proper look but the messy side braid is a casual take on femininity.

Lipstick Galore

Lipstick Galore
Hola chicas! It feels like its been forever since I’ve posted! Sorry about that. I really wanted to create a Polyvore all about lipstick, and about what colors look good on you, what colors don’t…What colors are hot this summer and what colors make me wanna throw up….You get my point. I just felt very lipstick-y today! I hope to later on talk about eye shadow and to create a Polyvore for it, but I’ll save that for next week! Make sure to check it out! Anyways, the thing about lipstick is that you have to find your color. You need to stay in your very own “color range”. To me, its something where if red is your lipstick color (meaning it looks good on you and you feel good in it) then only stick to reds. You can try other colors too, but make sure to stick with what looks best. Don’t wear lipstick that doesn’t make you feel pretty! For my lipgloss, I like using Maybelline, M.A.C., and Mary Kay. Try to find lipgloss or chap stick that will help chapped lips. I like to use the Mary Kay brand for my chapped lips. The color that can look good on anybody, is a peachy, salmon, mealon-y color. It can bring out anybody’s lips!



New Trends!

Paris is coming to you now. Find out how to catch on to the epidemic of effortless chic I call Paris! Get the look, the treats, and the happiness in the Trends section.




I chose this polyvore because I think summer’s on it’s way! First: Hairstyles, way too many people just wear their hair down, but there are so many other easy ways to do your hair. Sometimes we forget, so here’s a reminder. Try some of these if you think you overwear hairstyles! Next: The dresses, I love these dresses, I just thought they screamed summer to me. I love the ones with the different lengths(claire has a skirt like that). I thought the colors were bright, vibrant, and happy. These dresses screamed summer. I wish I could have some for my summer adventures! I also thought the overalls were cute, so I put them in. And finally: Shoes. These shoes are so cute! I think my favorite would have to be the pink ones. But the blue ones are awesome, too. And I thought the orangey flip flops were unique. I hope you enjoy this polyvore! LOVE YOU~CHRISTINASUMMER!