Letter From the Editor (May)

Yes, yes, yes!

It’s finally May and we are all just waiting for that last day of school to come upon us! But wait. School isn’t over yet, lovelies. We’ve got just a few more weeks to get through and then we are golden! The principal told us at the last honors assembly that a lot of people start to drift away from school work towards these last few weeks but just remember that we need to finish school on a good note.

Changing subjects. This month’s theme is about being different and being self confident. Anything you set your mind to, you get. We will also talk about how people try to change themselves and how to just be happy with who you are.

Fashion is about finding your personal style and expression through clothing. I’m going to be telling you about what fashion means to me and why I think it’s more than what people think it is. I already started the Style Icon column and will be posting more for that.

Beauty is going to be all for natural beauty, hence that polyvore set I posted yesterday. How to get that flawless skin with out all the chemicals.

Trends is doing the usual about, well, trends.

You may have noticed we made a new page at the top of the blog called Good Life. It’s all about life which is good for this theme because we can use it to give you advice and give you stories and lessons we have learned.

I want this month’s theme to change the way you feel about yourself. In science, we had to watch a video about body image and have a discussion afterwards. “Popular” or not, we all have flaws and sometimes we think about those flaws too much and forget about the good stuff. We forget that we are all beautiful and unique and there are so many opportunities for us in the world.

So as your reading all of our new posts, think about yourself and your feelings. I admit that I can be very tough on myself and it really doesn’t help anything. I hope that this months theme is everything you need to boost your self confidence for the upcoming summer.

Thank you!



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