Hey girls! I know you usually here beauty from me, but today I’m going to talk about one of my have stores: “dELiA*s”! I love the way its written, don’t you? Anyway, if your 12+, you’re gonna love this store. The fashion is fun, quirky, and bold! I love their graphic tees, and the graphic tees don’t have labels on them like “aeropostale” or “abercrombie”on them. They say cute messages, like the cute black shirt that says, “got love?”. Delia’s also has a great collection of super-cool accessories such as: Bracelets, backpacks, lipgloss, handbags, and. . . socks! Yep, they have socks! Delia’s has the cutest dresses in the world, but they can be a little bit pricey. Today in Chicago, its been raining (and hailing) up a storm. So, its been super gloomy. Delia’s always brightens me up! A lot of their clothing is super neon and cool, so even when its rainy you can still be bright and colorful! 



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