I chose this polyvore because I think summer’s on it’s way! First: Hairstyles, way too many people just wear their hair down, but there are so many other easy ways to do your hair. Sometimes we forget, so here’s a reminder. Try some of these if you think you overwear hairstyles! Next: The dresses, I love these dresses, I just thought they screamed summer to me. I love the ones with the different lengths(claire has a skirt like that). I thought the colors were bright, vibrant, and happy. These dresses screamed summer. I wish I could have some for my summer adventures! I also thought the overalls were cute, so I put them in. And finally: Shoes. These shoes are so cute! I think my favorite would have to be the pink ones. But the blue ones are awesome, too. And I thought the orangey flip flops were unique. I hope you enjoy this polyvore! LOVE YOU~CHRISTINASUMMER!

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