Letter from the Editor (June)

Hey, girls!

It’s June and finally Summer! Get ready for all sorts of new posts under your favorite columns.

In fashion we are discussing patterns, cuts, and shapes of different dresses, shorts, skirts, and tops. Gladiator sandals and other shoes are going to be big in this column. We have also talked about lots of good ways to save on clothing and stores that will keep you and your wallet happy.

Beauty is all about having healthy skin, nails, and hair. Learn how to keep your body healthy for summer and how to tan . . . the safe way! Sammy is also planning on making some video nail tutorials for you!

Christina’s Column will teach you how to earn money and how to spend it right. Christina will be telling you about what to carry in your new pool tote bag. To tie in with the whole money theme find the best summer fashion deals with Christina.

Trends is going to be about all that pool and beach stuff. Sunglasses, tote bags, what to wear the pool, how to jazz up your hair, jewelry, music, and movies will all be talked about in Katie’s fabulous trends column.

In good life we are going to talk about relaxation for summer of course. DIY snacks are in store as well. We’ll teach you how to throw the most amazing party this summer.

We’ve also got some new ideas for this month such as Cultural Blogging. Every once in a while we will discuss our favorite locations in the world like Paris. We’ll show you the locations’ culture, food, fashion, etc.

It Girl is another segment we will be doing each month. Every month each column will vote on a famous It Girl and then write about her and why we picked her. Depending on what we vote on, the It Girl will either be fictional or real.

Read on!

Claire ❤


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