Maddie’s Dream Magazine Outfit

Maddie's Dream Magazine Outfit


Disney Pixar’s Brave Tutorial!

 Check out the beauty column for how to get Merida’s look from the new movie Brave. I’ll tell you everything from you to do your hair and makeup! Its so fun! So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


P.S. Brave came out last Friday, June 22nd.


Vintage Glamor is all in bloom. Get it while it lasts, and get some advice about how to pull it off in the rends section.



1148 Cosmetics

1148 Cosmetics
Hey girlies! All of these things represent what I got at 1148 Cosmetics! Obviously, they didn’t use red lipstick, but I just wanted to put it in there. So check out the beauty page for great tips and cool stuff about the store! Oh, and also, see how the eye has purple eye shadow and how she also has brown eyes? Don’t they look great together? Anyways, this Polyvore represents the Beauty page, so go check it out! Right now! Thanks!
❤ Sammy

A New Era in Fashion: Interpretation


I am going to be writing a lot about what I like to call the new era in fashion. Go to the fashion column to find my interpretation of a high fashion look. Sorry it took me so long to post but I’ve been pretty busy lately! Also, Christina is going to North Carolina for two weeks so she will not be posting for a while. Dance starts on Monday and I dance all day from Monday to Saturday so I won’t be posting a lot but I will do my very best!

More soon!



Hey girls!

Who doesn’t love being pampered with makeup? Check out the beauty column for the scoop about 1148 Cosmetics and some of the super-helpful tips they showed us to really make you look and feel beautiful 🙂



Never forget to be awesome at all times possible! ❤

Email malfunction

Hey chicas! Remember I was talking about how I made that e-mail regarding to any questions, comments, or concerns about Famine of Fashion? Well it turns out that that e-mail kind of got. . . ruined . . . And by ruined I mean I am not available to access it anymore. Will I ever be able to go back to that e-mail again? The chances are pretty low. . . sorry! I’d give out my real e-mail, but I don’t want some creepy weird stalker to e-mail me. You get me point, right? 🙂 But, if you do have any questions about the site, you can always just comment. Thanks!


P.S. Don’t you just love this purple plum color (And yes Christina I used your idea with the hearts)!