Hey girlies! Today I was really in the mood to discuss one of my favorite cosmetic brands: Maybelline! I love Maybelline because it has so many great products at reasonable prices. They are always coming up with such cool, new products. My favorite products from Maybelline are Baby Lips, The Great Lash, and their new Dream Bouncy blush, as you can see up above. Maybelline products are fun and easy to use, so you don’t have to stress when your using eyeliner or applying mascara. A fun thing to do with eyeliner for a chilled out look is to apply it to your waterline. Its effortlessly pretty, and its super easy! When I tried out the look a couple days ago, I used a dark, sparkly, blue liner. To apply eyeliner to your waterline, pull down the skin under your eye (not too far!!) so that you can see your waterline with enough room to apply. Once you’ve pulled down the skin under your eye, simply apply liner to your waterline in soft, smooth strokes. It doesn’t hurt at all! It looks super comfy and relaxed, absolutely perfect for summer! Since your eyes are watery, it might wear off as the day goes on, but it’ll still look super pretty and effortless.
Thanks, girls! Happy summer!
Sammy 😉

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